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Andrea Laura Er (塩)
03 September 2012 @ 07:08 pm
Hi guys! Not sure if any of you are interested or what but i've set up a webstore! lazycrazyandy

It's still small and young and all that jazz haha, have yet to add more items!
Keep a look out okie hehe.

P/S: selling handmade accessories too! super cool i love making these.

I call em Of Flower and Knife. Because i think it suits.

p/p/s: has anyone read of flower and knife and heavenly psycho XD
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Andrea Laura Er (塩)
20 August 2012 @ 10:03 pm
Any one wanna go to Japan with me? :) 

I've been in tokyo and osaka once, right now i'm just planning and looking at cheap air flights. I'd want to go there with a like minded person so i can enjoy everything in japan with someone! Everything's more fun with someone :D
Looks like December 2012 flights are cheap hehehe. The start of winter! How romantic :3 
Also, gotta plan early so i can save like a mad cow :'D

Oh wait a second i have to take in account my school  term T_T
im on holiday right now and i think my next one is spring '13. SPRING! SAKURA! OK
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Andrea Laura Er (塩)
08 June 2012 @ 02:10 pm

Going to Japan(family tour) on 16 June and returning to SIngapore one week after that, spending half in Tokyo and half in Osaka, 


also, i have completely forgotten what were the things i wanted to buy in japan as they were unavailable outside. i know johnnys shop, and tokyo bananas, and... and...
and, i want to see concert arenas LOL. does no one want to hang out with me???? :')

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Andrea Laura Er (塩)
06 May 2012 @ 04:58 pm
changed the URL of my blogger! it's now:

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♫: SYF dance track
Andrea Laura Er (塩)
07 April 2012 @ 10:29 pm
I bought Pink And Gray today! Thank god they had it in Kinokuniya. ^_^

pink and gray
Tbh, i think i will take 3 years to finish this literary fiction book because.... I have like such little vocabulary of kanji i swear. The first two words in chapter one are kanji and I DUNNNNOOOOOO HAHAHAHHA.
Wish me luck! By 3 years i will be a completely changed person omg let's do a future self wish list.

By 3 years...
1. I want will be in Japan
2. My Japanese would be fluent!
3. I would have ended my poly/diploma stuff, so..... Intern/exchange/get a job in Japan! Hahahahah.
4. I have been to at least one JE concert. KT or NEWS.
5. I've at least met/interacted with one of my top 5..... AHAHAHAAH

k what nonsense. bye bee!
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♫: NEWS - Vibration (btw the way tegoshi screams 'say yamapi!' is freaking orgasmic
Andrea Laura Er (塩)
30 March 2012 @ 05:43 pm
I just want Ryo so bad.
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Andrea Laura Er (塩)
18 March 2012 @ 03:11 pm
Hi! I'm back. For a bit XD i cant help but flail even more now that Jin's Japonicana SF concert has just ended. All the semi-coherent tweets are coming in now!!! >:D

Also, the past few days have been crazyyyyy with fan reports mushrooming here and there in livejournal. It makes me squeamish! I feel like i'm actually there 8D

This is tatoeba's fan report on the NYC one. And contains a ton of fancams <3 also has M&G.
iris_aya's super detailed repo on Jin's Club Nokia con.
you_and_jin report on the LA con(first one, which had the hugs) with tons of pics gathered from everywhere.
Super coherent report on Vancouver's by katokathy
shorty35565's NYC report hehehe..

Ok hahahha i think that's all i read. I'm missing one particular one but.... Ah nevermind 8D
i wish i were there!!!!!!!!! ah! i am gonna save up for his next con. :'( no money and no freedom right now. 
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Andrea Laura Er (塩)
05 March 2012 @ 01:03 am

Is pissing me off, no joke.
How many chapters of this Jin saga fanfic are there already? Oh god.

What's worse is the freaking arama comments on the most recent one. Usually arama people are witty and post funny comments etc BUT TODAY.. NO. Not today.
All of them are whining about the lyrics of Jin's song That's what she said. Now seriously, what fuck do you give? It's his lyrics, let him be. Where did rape or racist or drugs come from? There were no mentions of that in the song lyrics man. Why is everyone jumping to conclusions and passing critic like Jin is some rapist promoting sex?
Have you heard Hey Girl? To me, TWSS is just like Hey girl. It's just for fun okay. Don't take it THAT seriously.

URGH just let it GO already, arama. ARGH.

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Andrea Laura Er (塩)
10 February 2012 @ 09:08 am
Okay. My ichiban (tied with Tegoshi) is now getting married. Seriously.

(i know im posting this up one day late, who cares) they've been married since last thursday. 2nd feb.

It's 75% confirmed. All that's left is an announcement from the people themselves. Sigh. Goodness gracious me. Soon i will be fanning over a father. Yes, that's cuz meisa is 2 months pregnant.

What as life turned into. I suddenly feel so old when i'm only 16.
All of a sudden, the guy i like, is a husband and all too soon a father. This is so creepy. Just yesterday he was just a young guy and today he's a father. So creepy...

(i wrote a shitload of other things but its gone because LJ didn't save it. so whatever.)

I went to sleep last night exhausted, hoping it was just a dream, unbelieving because it was so sudden. 
but i woke up imagining jin and mesa waking up next to each other, maybe cuddling, washing up at the toilet later, eating breakfast together.
i have to admit, it is a little heartbreaking. like 2% of my heart is breaking. 

But i wouldn't be feeling so down if the news didn't have so much impact. I dont even know whether to laugh or to cry. half the netizens support them. i do support them, but i have to get used to the fact first T_T most are saying 'finally' or something like that...

Ugh sheesh, i don't know what to feel really.
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Andrea Laura Er (塩)
21 January 2012 @ 05:38 pm
I haven't posted since 26 Dec? It doesn't seem like a long time ago!

Anyway, today i'm here with Jin Akanishi's Sun Burns Down music preview and lyrics.
The song is addictive, i swear! The lyrics are about sex. How Jin-like, huh?
The music preview was released on Jin's official youtube just yesterday! I wrote the lyrics down after hearing by ear, and i had some difficulty in some parts so i tried googling. There aren't many lyrics out there that are complete, so i hope this one helps!

Here are the lyrics and the music preview.

If you want to use these lyrics and post them up elsewhere, please credit me :) thank you!
Have fun karaoke-ing!
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♫: Jin Akanishi - Sun Burns Down